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EBI was incorporated in June 1991. EBI has been based out of Duluth, Minnesota since its inception. Originally EBI provided contractor services to thermally treat petroleum contaminated soils as well as underground storage tank removal/installation, environmental consulting/contracting services and demolition services.

EBI Drilling Services progressed into utility contracting and in 2000 with a purchase of a Ditch Witch JT4020 began working in the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) field. EBI is focused primarily on water and sewer projects but also has been active with the installation of innerduct for fiber optics installations as well as gas mains.

As business grew EBI decided to branch out into the installation of larger pipe. From a Ditch Witch JT4020, to a JT7020, then to a JT8020 then finally to a Vermeer 100x140. EBI has kept the ability to install smaller diameter pipe with the use of a Ditch Witch JT3020 which was traded out for a Ditch Witch 30AT in 2019.

Currently EBI has the ability to install pipe from 1-inch up to 36-inch. In addition to the 30AT EBI has three GEONEX pit launch hammer drills for the installation of pipe and casings in bedrock.

Our Current Drilling Equipment

We are currently using some of the best drilling equipment available, which is described below. These machines are capable of getting the job done quickly.

EBI Drilling Inc.,
5910 Fremont Street.,
Duluth, MN. 55807

Phone (218) 628-0454

Directional Drill Rigs

  • 1. Vermeer D100x140
  • 2. Ditch Witch JT40M1
  • 3. Ditch Witch JT30AT

Hammer Boring Rigs

  • 1. GEONEX HZR180
  • 2. GEONEX HZR220
  • 3. GEONEX HZR440
  • 4. GEONEX HZR1200

Mud recovery

  • 1. VACTOR HXX Hydroexcavators (3)